Daily Notice for Monday 11 June 2018

Middle School
9:00 AM
Middles School HATS
Middle School HATS will not be on this week or next. Students may go to the library and sign in to do quiet study.
(Mrs K Steggles)

Senior School
9:00 AM
Found - 1 x Silver "LOVE" ring
Found in the Senior School precinct - 1 x silver "Love" ring. Please claim from the SS Office.
(Mrs M Haines)
9:00 AM
SS HATS will not operate this week or next Week. Senior School students may still attend the library, signing in normally and complete private study.
(Mrs K Steggles)


Interschool Rugby 7's Competition
Students 13yrs or older this year are invited to play in a WAS team for the Interschool Rugby 7's competition in August. If you are interested in participating please let Mrs McDuff know either via a visit to RBH staffroom or email (kmc@was.qld.edu.au).
(Mrs K McDuff)

Open Boys Interschool Football (Soccer)
Any boys aged 15 yrs and over interested in playing in the WAS Open Boys Football team in the Term 3 Interschool Competition please let Mrs McDuff know by either visiting RBH staffroom or emailing (kmc@was.qld.edu.au).
(Mrs K McDuff)

Junior Touch Fixtures
Students interested in playing Junior Touch Fixtures from Term 3 through to the middle of Term 4 please let Mr Brandon know or email him (abr@was.qld.edu.au).
(Mrs K McDuff)

Year 7/8 Mixed Football (Soccer)
Students (girls and boys) are invited to be a member of the Year 7/8 Mixed Football Team. If you are interested please let Mrs McDuff know in RBH staffroom or email (kmc@was.qld.edu.au).
(Mrs K McDuff)

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